“What the…why….” – that kind of goes through our head when we sit there staring at the screen with yet another rejection e-mail from that Career kenya you thought you’d have been perfect for. The interview went awesome – there was a definite vibe going on…so then what gives? Why do you keep receiving the same generic “too many applicants – good luck for the future” mail of doom?!

Sometimes if you’re really lucky you may get some form of direction in the e-mail or phone call. However, even these are fairly cryptic and run along the lines of them “finding someone with more experience” or “you did great but we were just looking for something a little different”. Definitely not the most helpful ideas when it’s time to do some prep work for the next interview.

So here we’ve put together 6 reasons on why you didn’t land a Career kenya that seemed like a sure thing. Sure, no employer will ever really admit to these officially but sadly it happens more often than you’d think. If you suspect it’s why you find yourself still poring over Career kenya postings, keep on looking for a place that values you for you.

People are different and teams that have been together have learned to function in a particular way. Likeability isn’t something that comes across on a CV and to truly find out if you’re a good fit for an organisation – the face to face meet up has to be done.

ADVICE: There’s not much point in putting on a personality you think others will like. It’ll be hard to keep up such a convincing act beyond the first month of landing the Career kenya. It’s been said before a gazillion times but we’ll say it again – be yourself (the best possible version of yourself). If the interviewers don’t understand or get you – it’s better to keep hunting for a place you’ll be comfortable.

Wait wait wait…so people actually judge a book by its cover? Let’s not be totally naive here – employers are human and much like humans – they are swayed by superficial elements. This is not true for everyone and a true professional will always pay more attention to what you’re bringing to the office instead of being just a pretty face.

ADVICE: Make the effort before you head on in for an interview. Look your sharpest and give it your all. If you feel like you didn’t get the Career kenya because of the model look-alike sitting next to you waiting to go in – chances are you’ve just done yourself a favour and walked away from working in an organisation where productivity is more of an afterthought.

The exact opposite of the scenario mentioned above could happen as well. You could very well be the model that walked into the interview room and didn’t get the Career kenya because – well you were much too attractive. So why is looking good costing you a Career kenya? Quite simply the interviewers may feel the dynamic in the office might change and you would prove to be a distraction to existing employees even if that is the thing farthest from your mind.

ADVICE: Sure, if the Career kenya you were going in for was a modelling one – you’re gold. But few Career kenyas would really require stunning good looks. If you want to be taken seriously and prove you have a mind under your hat – bring along a track record of strong performance in previous roles and/or endeavours.

Once the Career kenyas posted, it is a bit of a free for all. An old friend or ex-colleague who an employer once worked with is bound to have a bit of an edge over you.

ADVICE: You can’t take something like this personally. It happens now and again, and if you were in the same position where you knew how someone works and have an established chemistry with – it would be hard to pass up especially when experience is matched to a tee.

A set up from the get go? How dare they! If they wanted to promote someone internally what was the point of tantalizing you with promises of this awesome Career kenya? It happens and we’re not fans of it either…

ADVICE: C’est la vie right? Just like Reason 4 you can’t take this personally. Let it wash over you and vent with some friends. It’s near impossible for you to know what’s going on in the deepest depths of the company so no sense in stressing about it.

Ah experience. Seems like everyone wants it but how to get it without being given the opportunity. Some employers are willing to make a trade off. Little to no pay in exchange for you filling up your CV. Hardly fair but in today’s cut throat market – it’s one of the easier tactics for an employer to deploy in order to cut back on costs.

ADVICE: Find a place that respects your rights and strengths. Good focussed employers will not rely on short-termism and wish for development to be an integral part of your time at the company. It’s out there and the search can be disheartening and daunting. Try and remain as positive as possible and give it your all.

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