Longhorn Publishing Manager Career kenyas vacancy in Kenya July 2013

Longhorn Kenya July Ltd is a leading book publisher with operations in the East African region. The company wishes to recruit a highly competent and dynamic individual for the following position:
1 Career kenya Details

Job Title: Publishing Manager
Department/Division: Publishing
Reports to: Managing Director
Supervises: Senior Editors, Chief Designer and Production Controller
Job Summary: Drive the product development strategy of the Group.
2 Career kenya Purpose
To oversee implementation of strategies and operations in product development and acquisition in order to achieve the set production targets for desired company sales performance.
4 Dimensions
The Publishing Manager consolidates and formulates the production, capital and overheads expenditure budget. The position also entails establishing and enforcing production processes to ensure an effective and efficient production, cost control and other time and resource management.
The position ensures achievement of desired profit margins through planning and application of set production budget.
He liaises with suppliers for competitive pricing of services that meet quality and timeliness thresholds.
Agreements for authors, vendors and buyers of publishing rights and other suppliers of production related services are originated and serviced by the Publishing Manager.
5 Nature and Scope
The Publishing Manager reports to the Managing Director for direction in resource support and policy implementation.
It is charged with the responsibility of reprinting existing titles, custody of intellectual property rights, product improvement and innovation, and sustenance of company competitiveness at the level of product range and appeal.
The Publishing Manager enforces production quality and timeliness in the work of senior editors, editors, designers and other suppliers to ensure product quality specifications are met, deadlines are adhered to, and staff in the department get necessary support services from other departments.
The Publishing Manager works in close consultation and liaison with the other line managers for specific task decisions as follows:
  • Operations Manager for determination of print quantities, product performance and other market variables to ensure timely release and improvement of company products.
  • ICT Manager for IT support for the designers and editors, product back up and automation, availability of content and appropriate design for uploading into e.learning media such as Kindle, Amazon, Google, mobile learning etc.
  • Finance Manager to financial facilitation for production services and budget control measures.
  • Human Resource function for staffing, punishment and reward, and creation of an enabling environment for departmental staff.
  • Internal Auditor for improvement and monitoring of production processes and standards.
The Publishing Manager maintains direct contact with pre-press firms and printers to ensure uninterrupted flow of services and stock.
He also manages the public relations and communication to authors, evaluators and reviewers.
Units under the Career kenya holder and the main tasks of each
  • Editorial section: Manuscript improvement through moderation, editing and proofreading to come up with the required products for sale.
  • Design Section: Creation of product designs and layouts, preparation of digital copies in readiness for filming/printing.
  • Production Section: Quality control on materials before filming and printing. They oversee filming, film storage and security, product quality and approval to deliver stock.
Key task includes monitoring products and production plans of the competition to ensure a sustained competitive product range, product differentiation and overall expansion of the market share though higher product acceptability.
Government and public influence
The Publishing Manager keeps in close contact with curriculum developers and key government ministries to access vital information on expected projects, funding, change in policy and curriculum, and new set medium to long term government goals that would influence and affect the nature and composition of the product range.
Quality of personnel
The senior editors, editors and section heads must have a first degree to be able to effectively perform their tasks, and so are the editorial assistants that work with the editors.
Operational freedoms and restrictions
The position operates within the agreed budgets and company strategy, but may introduce new projects and innovations and seek new approvals before implementation.
Once approved, the Publishing Manager has the freedom to implement with minimal or no further consultation, except where funding is required.
Geographical spread of operations
The Publishing Manager is in charge of the Group’s production programme- Kenya July, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Sudan and any other territory that the company may want to venture into.
6. Key Responsibilities
  • Identify and exploit publishing opportunities so as to satisfy consumer needs.
  • In liaison with other HODs initiate policy reviews and develop programmes and schedules so as to achieve company objectives and set production targets
  • Develop annual production and publishing service budgets and rights acquisition/ sales budgets so as to seek the requisite resources for planning and control
  • Set and assess performance standards to ensure that production parameters are achieved
  • Liaise with suppliers of hard copy book production and e.book edition services to meet set production targets and achieve the desired product quality.
  • Prepare and present publishing reports and production project proposals for decision making
  • Liaise with Operations Department to obtain market information and enhance product attributes
  • Negotiate publishing contracts to expand the product mix.
  • Monitor copyright matters to ensure compliance with statutory requirements.
  • Make legal deposits for new publications/editions to ensure compliance with statutory requirements
  • Monitor operations for cost control.
  • Supply publishing information to assist in marketing communication.
7. Knowledge and Skills
Educational Qualifications: Masters Degree in a relevant area
Professional qualification: Editing or management, with a flair for e.publishing/e.learning.
Working Experience: 7 years, 5 of which must be in the publishing sector.
Job Skills: Leadership skills, Communication skills, interpersonal relations skills, negotiation skills, people management skills
8. Performance Standards
  • Departmental objectives are met with optimal efficiency
  • Budgeted production programmes/projects are achieved and quality benchmarks observed
  • Production standards are enhanced and enforced in editorial, design and printing
  • Documented and other work ethic procedures and processes are adhered to with the desired outcomes
  • Effective customer care with production suppliers and other contact points
  • Optimal security of intellectual property back up and support documents
  • Legal deposits made and complied with.
If interested, send your application and CV, giving 3 referees, two of which must be your most recent employers, to jobs@longhornpublishers.com or to the address below, so as to reach us on or before Tuesday 18th September 2013:
The Managing Director,
Longhorn Kenya July Limited,
P.O. Box 18033 – 00500, Nairobi.
Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

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