May 2017 Job Opportunities For Form Four Leavers In Kenya


Career Vacancies: Form Four Leavers In Kenya


Career Opportunities: Form Four Leavers In Kenya

Not everyone gets the opportunity to go to University, whether it is because of lack of funds or because you did not get the grades. However, this should not be a deterrent to success.

It may seem futile to try and find employment when most jobs advertised ask for people with Degrees or Diplomas but there are certain professions that do not require higher education.

So what are some of the professions one can get into with just a high school certificate?

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Here Are Some Top Jobs For Form Four Leavers In Kenya

1. Cabin Crew

What most people do not realize is that the minimum education qualification for a cabin crew is surprisingly a high school education. This glamorous job can give you a chance to travel the world and learn different languages.

On the job training is done so there is no need for one to be a university graduate.

The only drawback can be that when it comes to a career in as a flight attendant, a lot of emphases is put on your looks.

A cabin crew attendant earns as much as $1500 per month which is equivalent to Ksh 135,000. Not bad for a job that has no professional requirements.

2. Sales Representative Jobs

The minimum requirement for a sales job is a form four certificate with a mean grade of C.

Which means as a form four leaver, if you prove to be hardworking enough, the sales job can offer you an opportunity to grow career wise and gain more experience.

That is why sales representatives of wholesale, manufacturing companies generally earn an excellent salary.

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3. Field Interviewers

This is a job that involves doing a lot of research and data collection exercise. The job can be available either in Government, NGO or in the private sector. The minimum qualification for the job is always secondary level of education coupled with other qualifications.

The good thing with such an opportunity is that one can be paid per day.

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4. Customer Service

With only a form four certificate, you can get a job as a Call Centre interviewer, contact centre agent or a customer agent all in the customer service profession.

This is a job that involves handling queries of clients and offering solutions to them through constant communication.

With only a high school certificate and a minimum typing speed, you can be a customer care professional.

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5. Driver

Most driver jobs only require a high school education coupled with the driving experience. The job is distributed in government parastatals, hospitals and even NGOs. If you are looking for a driving job, all you need is to master your skills and gain experience.

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From the above list, there are numerous professions that will not require you to have a college or university education.

If you are a form four leaver wondering what to do, keep checking our site for the latest available opportunities for you.

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