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This is a re-advertisement of call for applications for carrying out a Baseline Survey for the Jua Jimbo Project.
Terms of Reference: Carrying out a Baseline Survey for the Jua Jimbo Project
Purpose of this ToR- Consultancy to conduct a Baseline Survey for the Jua Jimbo Project (JJ)
1. Introduction and Background
Forum Syd is a Swedish NGO with Country offices in Nairobi and headquarters in Sweden. Forum Syd’s main focus is on Democracy and Rights; Environment and Climate Change as well as Gender Equality.
We do through the strengthening of civil society organizations.
More details can be found in the website or
Funded by the European Commission, the Jua Jimbo Project seeks to increase community influence and enhance community ability especially those that are voice poor and marginalized to have democratic influence on governance at county government level.
By so doing, Jua Jimbo project will target to influence two spaces; the demand and supply side of governance.
In the long term this will lead to counties that practice the principles of good governance.
Project’s Overall Objective
Communities that are voice-poor and marginalized have improved democratic influence and good governance at county government level.
Project objectives
  • To increase the participation of young men and women in low income/slum communities in county government processes (Demand side).
  • To increase the capacity of targeted young women leaders, county leaders and institutions in democratic leadership and good county governance
  • To improve dialogue and linkages between the supply and demand sides at the county level
Geographical Focus
The Project will work with 20 ward-based youth and slum organizations/civil society organizations in 6 targeted constituencies in Kisumu and Nakuru Counties. Two Wards are targeted in each of the 6 Constituencies (Kisumu Town East, Kisumu Town West, Nyando, Nakuru Town, Naivasha and Rongai); and a total of 10,000 direct participants will be reached by the project.
Project Partners
The Project is being implemented through a collaborative effort of three organizations – Forum Syd, Muungano wa Wanavijiji (Federation of Slum Dwellers) and Youth Alive Kenya July with Forum Syd being the lead partner. Youth Alive Kenya July (YAK) is implementing the project in Kisumu County; while Muungano wa Wanavijiji (MWW) is implementing the project in Nakuru County
Project Timeline
The Jua Jimbo Project is planned to run for two years from September 23rd 2013, to August, 23rd 2014.
2. Objectives of the Baseline Survey
  • To analyze the existing Tushirikishe Jamii Project (a fore runner of JJ project) baseline report and identify the information to be collected in the rapid assessment based on the JJ project proposal
  • To provide information for planning the project, including information about nature of governance at county level; and specifically looking at the 6 focus constituencies. ( looking at both the demand and supply side)
  • To provide information on the current level of community participation in governance as well as opportunities for community participation especially the target group in the county government processes in the target constituencies and counties.
  • To provide benchmark information for measuring project achievements and impact (at the project objectives, intermediate results levels)
  • To provide information on the number of civil society/youth groups actively engaged in issues of citizen participation in good governance in the target constituencies.
  • To provide information on the capacity of civil society organization’s to lobby and advocate for community participation and democratic leadership at county level
  • To identify benchmarks and indicators that will be used as a point of reference for monitoring and evaluation of the Jua Jimbo project
  • To review current monitoring and evaluation tools identify gaps and clear indicators for the Jua Jimbo project
  • To review the LFA with inclusion of baseline findings and targets.
3. Methodology
The rapid baseline assessment will comprise of a desk review and field visits.
The consultant will:
a) Conduct a desk review including an analysis of documents, policy papers, national surveys and reports that have been produced in connection with the project thematic area. Review internal Forum Syd documents related to this project including data the former project evaluation report and baseline survey.
b) Conduct field visits and interviews with citizens, CSOs, NGOs, local leaders, local authorities in the
selected constituencies (Rongai, Nakuru, Naivasha, Kisumu town east, Kisumu town west and Nyando).
c) Develop a comprehensive data collection tool for the above assignment.
d) Develop participatory methodologies for the survey
4. Scope and Focus of the Baseline Survey
Specifically, the baseline will have the following:
  • Specifically targeting -Rongai, Naivasha , Nakuru , Kisumu Town East, Kisumu Town West and Nyando constituencies – 2 wards targeted per constituency;
  • General outlook on national status of governance of county government processes (especially looking at the issues being addressed by the project)
  • Focus should be on the project objectives and the planned three project result areas.
Specific responsibilities of the consultant will include the following:
I. Analyze Jua Jimbo project and review relevant literature. (national, regional and community level reports)
II. Design and produce rapid baseline assessment tools.
III. Give input on the draft monitoring and evaluation framework, including indicators and tools.
IV. Conduct field survey. Methods may include questionnaire, interviews, focus group discussions, and meetings with local community organizations, local leaders, other NGOs operating in constituencies and government units in the project regions. The survey must clearly ascertain the present status on levels of community participation in constituency development initiatives.
V. Design database for data entry, analyze the data; identify specific gaps/deficits in social accountability; and clarify training and other needs to be met comparing with the already developed plans.
VI. Identify lead agencies or local community organizations/groups that can be used for lobbying/advocacy and collaboration purposes.
VII. Prepare and present draft report of findings at a round table meeting with the project steering committee.
VIII. Prepare and submit final report of baseline survey, incorporating feedback from Stakeholders.
IX. Review of TJ baseline final evaluation
X. The final outcome should be a revised LFA Matrix and the M&E Plan which incorporates baseline and suggested targets by end of the project.
5. Report and Presentation
A report from the assessment will be written in English. The report should be concise in its findings and
follow the required format. The report will be presented to Forum Syd Country Representative and Project
Expected outputs/deliverables will include the following:
1) Report containing the main findings of the survey and recommendations. The report will be in the form
of three bound hard copies and a soft/electronic copy. The report must incorporate the following:
a) Set of rapid assessment tools.
b) Quality data and analysis from the observations made in the field and desk review.
c) Present status, gaps and recommendations for future interventions, including suitable implementation methodology, appropriate structures for the project success, and possible sustainability strategy.
d) Incorporate the findings in the project monitoring and evaluation framework with clear performance indicators.
6. Time Plan
  • Applications from prospective consultants should be received not later than – 7th Dec. 2013. The application should contain CVs of principle consultants, capacity statement, and proposed schedule of activities, technical and financial proposal.
  • The selected consultant will work 6 days for the month of December and commence the rest of the assignment not later than – 10th Jan. 2013.
  • Participatory field work for rapid assessment should be concluded within the 6 days of Dec including a report of the assessment. The specific dates for this activity are from 17th to 22nd Dec 2013.
  • The second phase shall commence on 10th of January to 6th Feb, 2013 after analyzing the rapid assessment information.
The above timeframe is meant to be used as a reference for the consultant in order to prepare the proposal.
The definitive timeframe and organizations will be agreed within the assignment.
7. Profile of the Consultant
The survey will be assigned to a consultant with in-depth knowledge of Social Accountability, local governance issues; public sector monitoring and public participation; and Kenya Julyn civil society and politics.
The consultant must also be experienced in planning and carrying out baseline surveys and performance measurement (especially qualitative measurements)
It is also desirable that the consultant has experience from working with issues around democracy and the
rights based approach.
The consultant should have proven experiences of previous assignments with development of analyses, feasibility studies, baselines, of similar nature and engaging communities using participatory methodologies.
The survey and analysis should be conducted by a consultant/s with the capacity to deploy in the two regions simultaneously.
The survey will be supervised by the Country Representative of Forum Syd in Kenya July and the Project Officer in Nairobi.
8. Contract
A contract will be drawn up after a call for tender where skills and costs of potential consultants will be assessed and evaluated by the Country Representative and the Project Officer.
The contract will be a formal consultancy contract between Forum Syd Kenya July office in Nairobi, Kenya July and the consultant.
A consultant will be selected in accordance with EC/Forum Syd procurement policy guidelines.
Send applications to the undersigned not later than 28th December 2013;

Write to

Country Representative,
Kenya Office,
P.O. Box 1419, Karen, 00502, 
Copied to and

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